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Latest Project:

For some years now, I have been running a senior-level course in Dynamical Systems, a branch of pure mathematics that focuses on the theory underlying what it means to model phenomena mathematically.  I designed this course and over the years have developed quite an extensive set of notes.  These notes are now a text, to be released by Oxford University Press in August of 2018.  The text is:

A Modern Introduction to Dynamical Systems

2018:  Oxford University Press

ISBN-13: 978-0198743286

ISBN-10: 0198743289

Link to OUP site


Recent Projects:

Contributed Chapter for:

Mathematics for the Curious:  Why Study Mathematics?

2015:  Curious Academic Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-925128-16-1

Link to Amazon site


Editor and author for:

30-Seconds Maths:  The 50 Most Mind-Expanding Theories in Mathematics, Each Explained in Half a Minute

2012:  Ivy Press LImited

ISBN: 978-1-84831-386-6

Link to Amazon site 

Note:  As of June 2018, there are 248,250 copies in print. This includes 1000 in Mongolian, 10000 in Swedish, 55000 in German, 8000 in Chinese, and 39000 in French, along with 8 other languages.    

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