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NEWS FLASH 1 // Travel money for Undergraduates

The Mathematics Department announces that they there are funds available for undergraduates doing active research to attend conferences to talk about the new ideas.  There are restrictions, and one must apply for the funds.  See here....

July 22, 2018

NEWS FLASH 2 // The Academy Strikes Again?

The 2018 Homewood Teaching Institute is again upon us at the end of May.  This is a yearly symposium, as part of the Teaching Academy where assorted faculty on the Homewood Campus meet with graduate students and post-docs from all campuses in the Hopkins system and outside universities as part of the CIRTL network.   Great stuff!!  See here....

May 22, 2018

NEWS FLASH 3 // The Future Future Scholars

So we have just now picked our next group of Future Scholars, local Baltimore City and County high school rising seniors, who will be taking our regular semester mathematics courses during their last high school year.  The program, detailed here, has been going one for over 10 years here, and this year we have 8 new Future Scholars.  Congratulations to them!!

May 15, 2018

NEWS FLASH 4 // Celebrating our finest....

Each year, we honors our best performers, educators, and mentors. Here are the 2018 recipients of the Best in Class, Best in the Classroom, and Best of the Year. 

​May 15, 2018

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