It has arrived!!

Finally, August 2018 is the release of "A Modern Introduction to Dynamical Systems"!  A long and wonderful effort.  Thank you, Oxford University Press....

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Undergraduate Travel Award Grants
The 2018 Homewood Teaching Institute:  May 30-June 1
This Year's Future Scholars 
The Teaching Institute - June 2016
The Teaching Institute - June 2016

Helping to create the next generation of devoted educators....

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2014 Hopkins High Table Dinner
2014 Hopkins High Table Dinner

A freshman-faculty dinner in the (sorta) tradition of the Oxford High Table.

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Why Mathematics?  TEDx Talk
Why Mathematics? TEDx Talk

A very fun chance for me to say a bit about what Mathematics is to me and why I chose to study it.

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So what is Mathematics??

"Mathematics is the music of reason.... 

To do mathematics is to engage in an act of discovery and conjecture, intuition and inspiration; to be in a state of confusion— not because it makes no sense to you, but because you gave it sense and you still don’t understand what your creation is up to; to have a breakthrough idea; to be frustrated as an artist; to be awed and overwhelmed by an almost painful beauty; to be alive, damn it. Remove this from mathematics and you can have all the conferences you like; it won’t matter. Operate all you want, doctors: your patient is already dead."

-Paul Lockhart: 

A Mathematician's Lament 

"Mathematics is crystalized logic...."  

"Mathematics is not about the numbers, really.  It is more about the ideas behind those numbers.  Mathematics is about ideas.  It is about logical structure.  Math can be defined as the study of the logical structure of complicated things.  One can alter [a well-known definition] about architecture for use in mathematics here: 

Mathematics is the thoughtful making of logical structure."  

-Richard Brown:

Why Mathematics?

“Real mathematics must be justified as art if it can be justified at all.”

"The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s must be beautiful; the ideas like the colours or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics.” 

-G.H. Hardy

A Mathematician's Apology

Some of the places our former Undergraduate Math Majors have moved on to....